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Guaranteed ways to profit online

Guaranteed ways to profit online

I receive a lot of inquiries about the profit of the net. Of course, everyone knows that the profit is usually through publicity and advertising and using tools such as adsense – Advertising service in Google.

Electronic Journals

Electronic magazines – and especially technical ones – are more methods used in the Arab world to profit from the net. The idea here is very simple: save distinctive content and desirable (continuously) and pull the largest number of visitors and followers and subscribers and sell advertising space to companies involved and interested. Technical world of good site is an example. Although the effectiveness of this approach, but there are other ways – is selling advertising space – and that can Tsenkhaddmha these sites for more profit. For example you could to such sites that:

Sells objective reviews of companies and products
Promoting products that can profit commission on its way (Aloflet)
Additional services related to the availability of specialization

Aloflet sites

Aloflet sites are sites that offer reviews and comparisons to other products and companies and earn profit through the commission. For example, sites and Arabic blogs that offer reviews and comparisons of global companies that provide hosting and distribution “Oflet” programs allow Mstrkpn reap certain commission for each of the shares in Hosting Plans through them. These companies (such as Blue Host and Host Qator) provides its distributors several tools such as ready-made ads sizes and different colors and the necessary text links that allow for tracking subscriptions in addition to accurate statistics about visitors and subscribers, and you pay on a regular basis through PayPal and other methods.


Electronic stores

Of course, the sale of goods and goods across the Web is one of the most lucrative routes. The basic problem here is the availability of goods you have and secure ways shipped and provide appropriate payment methods for your customers. This requires the head of a relatively high capital compared with other methods and is what constitutes an obstacle for most young Arabs who are looking to make money online without capital mentions. Available if you have the goods and you have enough capital to save the site and shipped to the store a letter of Professional industry is relatively inexpensive and easy if used right Alnguenih. Also, if you choose the right products to market and exchange some money on advertising campaigns, it can get a decent return on your investment in return. Today there are many Arab electronic stores has a successful online marketing company to design each.


Subscriptions sites

Subscriptions are those sites that offer to their clients a good or service for a monthly or annual subscription. There are many technology companies that use this form to profit through the net, especially technology companies that provide software or software or technology and what update it and add it periodically and continuously provide technical support as required solutions. Examples of successful Arab sites that use Subscriptions site description messaging system that provides various telecommunications services related to sending text messages across the Web.


Brokerage sites

Intended brokerage those sites that pose as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer on the Web sites, which earn through pick out a certain percentage of each sale. Of the most successful examples at the level of the Arab nation Fives site which excerpted dollars out of every five dollars are traded across the site. There are also other similar sites, and other exploits the buyer’s desire to purchase something from Arab and foreign companies of various online and lack the means necessary for it to him (such as credit cards), whereupon the purchase of the service or item on behalf of the buyer after Thobl money to traditional methods (such as bank transfer ) in return for a commission what.


IT goods sites

Recently appeared in multiple initiatives to sell goods and technical information in Arabic. Some people are selling, for example, training courses and courses in specialized areas such as architectural design, as in this site and others who provide electronic goods for designers and developers, such as the modern Arab templates site. There are also companies that sell Android apps and iPhone Arab. Most of these sites due to individual effort and is still in its infancy, but it is, nevertheless, constitute a quantum leap we have not seen before and we desperately need in the Arab world.

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