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Currency Exchange Market

 Currency Exchange Market

The word “Forex” refers to the foreign exchange market or the international exchange of foreign currency, which stands for economic term foreign language “Foreign Exchange Market” any “foreign exchange market,” a market extends all over the world where currencies disposal of several participants before, such as international banks and international financial institutions and markets and individual traders.
Currency trading market Features

The estimated financial analysts daily volume of currency trading in the forex market at about $ 30 trillion (30 thousand billion dollars a day) as the thousands of millions of dollars are bought and sold every second .okmthal, the survey carried out by the Arab Advisors Group that about 70 000 Jordanian showed traffic in foreign currencies on margin (Forex) amounts nearly US $ 7 million.

And are traded by buying and selling the major currencies, which holds the core portion of the operations in the forex market is the US dollar (USD) the base currency of the European and Euro (EUR) and pound sterling (GBP) and Swiss franc (CHF) and Japanese yen (JPY) and Australian dollar ( AUD), Canadian dollar CAD)) and other Arab and foreign currencies.

Economists consider that the currency markets are the markets created by the unusual technical and facilitated the spread in recent times, and influenced the forex market the technology, this market was able to attract large groups of investors over the past years thanks to the proliferation of technology and means of communication.

Unlike several markets spread in the market, the currency market is not an elitist market fluent deal with only few people, but not the economic interest of the media coverage of forex trading activities to make this market away from the public. Even people who do not have experience in dealing with the Internet and computers, can trade via phone calls to brokerage firms and expected to accept a large segment of young Saudis and the Gulf to trade currencies in the coming periods.

The history of the currency market

Some researchers say that the currency trading market dates back to the Babylonians founded on the one hand and principles. In those times traders exchange their goods in exchange for materials Okhry.obsbb the lack of a central location and the involvement of governments which significantly expand the market, which contributed to the US economic crisis in twenty and thirty years of the twentieth century.

In these years (in 1929 precisely) and despite the passage of so many years (almost 300 years) exchange markets still does not mean much when some individuals in the world.

Stock markets exist in all countries of the world, and each stock exchange and its field of specialization. In addition to the currency market there are other types of exchanges, such as: Metals “COMEX” and “Nymex”, energy exchanges, exchanges capital markets or equity Aowalsndhat debt markets, commodity markets, including oranges, pigs, eggs, cereals, sugar, coffee and juice.

There are two types of exchanges: Exchange direct exchanges exchanges exchanges exchanges across networks

Forex tracking stock exchanges exchanges across the contact Over networks the counter (OTC) are markets where buying and selling goods without having a central place specified but are buying and selling between the companies, banks and individuals operations by communication and computer networks (by contacting the teleconference and the Internet computer at a time one among hundreds of banks around the world). That is why the magnitude of the currency market, there are hundreds of millions of dollars are sold and purchased every few seconds. Currency and stock markets are also characterized by various indicators and technical analysis and news analysis and rapid access to the profits.

Although some analysts are divided. Some just look at the risks and others are seen to their benefits, but soon his way currency trading market found along with other investment channels of money and metals, real estate, commodities and other futures markets.

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